PPG 45,000 Members Celebration – Giveaway Roadmap

Posted by admin April 21, 2019 in Announcement

We have recently hit 45,000 members in PPG and to celebrate this special occasion PPG will be giving away some cool PC Parts and Peripherals (Giveaway will be live in short). For now we will be giving away Gamdias NYX P2 RGB MousePad, more giveaway items will be announced soon! We are also planning series of grand giveaways when we hit 50,000 Members so stay tuned for that.


Giveaway Roadmap




Gamdias NYX P2 RGB MousePad

Giveaway started on : 13-4-2019

Giveaway ended on : 19-4-2019

Winner : Hassan Shabbir



Gooline Space 5x – 1000PKR Top-Up Vouchers

Giveaway started on : 21-4-2019

Giveaway ended on : 24-4-2019

Five Winners Announced



Redragon Centrophorus Mouse

Giveaway will start on : 29-4-2019

Giveaway will ended on : 5-5-2019

Winner: Abdullah Jamil



ABKO Hacker Gaming Headset

Giveaway will start on : Postponed



Redragon Centrophorus Mouse

Giveaway will start on : Postponed

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